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How can you tell if a dart frog is male or female?

Most of dart frogs are not sexable until they reach to 10-12 months old. Male frogs tend to be smaller than females, which often appear both longer and wider. Males also tend to have a less defined back arch than females.
Thumbnalin species reach to age of maturity earlier than other species.

Can you feed dart frogs bean beetle?

Yes you can feed dart frogs bean beetle. Dart frogs prefer very small prey items and bean beetle size is similar to the hydei fruit flies. So, they can be used for feeding bigger dart frogs.

What is a good beginner dart frog?

There are several beginner dart frogs that do great, including D. leucomelas, D. tinctorius, and D. auratus. These species  are generally very bold and relatively easy to care for. Santa Isabel dart frog is another great choice as beginner frog.

what are the odds of ending up with a sexed pair of frogs from froglets?

Generally, dart frog froglets are not sexable until they reach to the age of maturity. In the following, you can estimate how your chances are ending up at least with one pair (Male and Female) when you buy different number of froglets.

No. of Froglets:                                    1          2           3          4          5           6           7          8

Odds of getting at least a pair:      0%     50%     75%     88%     94%     97%     98%     99%

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